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Compiling tun.ko for Android - OpenVPN

I have a Xoom, and a Galaxy S, and need to be able to compile my own tun.ko for the kernel version I have. As you all know, if the kernel version of the module you are trying to insert isn't the same, it won't insert, and will give you errors like: <3>[95175.874872] tun: version magic ' SMP preempt mod_unload ARMv7 ' should be ' SMP preempt mod_unload ARMv7 ' in dmesg. We need to compile the module for the right version of the kernel Download the Kernel source - normally from . The Xoom can be found at , and the Galaxy S can be found at . Use $ pwd    /scratch/xoom $ git clone  to clone the Xoom kernel source Copy your old kernel config from your device $ pwd    /scratch/xoom $ adb pull /proc/config.gz $ gunzip co